5 Things I’ve already learned in 2013

1. The largest number in the world is googolplex. Not to be confused with Googleplex, the true seat of power in this electronic world, where Google stretches out its tentacles into every computer and device known to humans.

2. Infinity is a concept – not a number. At my mature age this was a surprise to me. Leading to the discovery of number 1.

3. Love has a smell. It has several actually, but one in particular I discovered on holidays. It’s called a ‘Blackboy’ rose and it’s divine. It was served up as decoration on a plate of lemon tart, and I couldn’t stop smelling it.

4. You can live to a sprightly 92 by blatantly ignoring all the good advice given you. My mother-in-law is of this ripe age and has not allowed age to defeat her in anyway. She still sunbakes without sunscreen, mows lawns in spite of breaking her hip 3 years ago, fixes holes in her concrete driveway (badly) and puts her lipstick on by feel. She hasn’t looked in a mirror since she turned 70 because she can’t face seeing what age has done to her face, and so has no clue how old she looks.

5. Every single opportunity shop and second hand bookshop has at least one Danielle Steel book. (I only know this because my mother-in-law loves DS and has read every title in her local library so we are on a mission to expand her collection – which has been surprisingly easy!)


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. katkasia
    Jan 04, 2013 @ 10:04:50

    It sounds like your mother in law is a very wise woman! There is apparently a global no-mirror movement, which is terribly liberating, although personally I’d prefer to know if I have lettuce between my teeth before I go out! 😉


    • Kate Rizzetti
      Jan 04, 2013 @ 11:39:57

      You’re not the first person to observe my mother-in-law’s wisdom – especially when it comes to age and its effects. She is living proof that if you ignore it long enough, it won’t get you. But I agree about the lettuce. She relies on us to tell her if something is visibly wrong – and laughs her head off when it’s pointed out.


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