HELP THE ELF: I found part of Santa’s missing nice list!

Hi everyone! A few weeks ago I heard on the Christmas holly vine that Pete the elf had a touch too much Eggnog at a Christmas Party and as he stumbled home, he lost Santa’s NICE LIST.

The North Wind scattered the papers to all four corners of the world, and The Bookshelf Muse put out a call to help find them in order to SAVE CHRISTMAS.

Never one to baulk a challenge, I’ve been on the lookout. And then today, EUREKA!

Yes that’s right…I found part of Santa’s missing NICE LIST. Sadly the pets found it first, so when I got to it it was half torn up by my desperately bored dogs. I scolded appropriately, gathered the pieces together and shock of all shocks, found a name I recognized. Some of you will know her.

She’s a woman I met five years ago in ‘Year of the Novel’ class run by Writers’ Victoria. By coincidence it turned out we had a historical connection. Our parents families had lived in the same area of Gippsland during their childhood. They used to attend Young Farmers dances together and, as a kid, I holidayed on my Grandparents sheep farm neighbouring her family’s properties. We were almost sisters!

Without her support, great advice, good humour and wisely interjected proddings, I would not have realised my dream of becoming an author so thoroughly this year. So this is a special post dedicated to one very special lady, and I was so glad her name showed up on the missing Santa list I found covered in dog slobber.


NAME: Margareta Osborn

LOCATION: Voice of the bush rural romance extraordinaire



OBSERVATIONS: Margareta is the heart and soul of friendship. She puts others before herself endlessly – sometimes to her detriment. She’s a great critique partner and a solid mentor. She’s one hell of a writer too.

RECOMMENDATION:     a) Coal                   b) Gift

~ ~ * ~ ~

The best bit about this discovery was, because poor Pete the Elf is dashing all over the place trying to avoid Santa’s naughty list, I decided to take care of this one myself.

Margareta, check your inbox. I feel so blessed to know you! Enjoy the gift I sent to and have a wonderful Christmas!

READERS: Is there someone special you want to acknowledge this festive season? There are plenty of free e-books, great greeting cards, all manner of little electronic goodies you can drop discreetly into the inbox of someone delightful. C’mon, don’t be shy. SPREAD THE LOVE.

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. angelaackerman
    Dec 20, 2012 @ 09:25:49

    Margareta sounds so giving and sweet–I am so glad you’ve found her as a writing partner. So glad you helped Pete out by finding her name–thank you so much! 🙂



  2. Dina
    Dec 20, 2012 @ 05:32:58

    Beautiful post Kate


  3. Margareta
    Dec 19, 2012 @ 08:51:49

    Awww … shucks, Kate! You’ve made me cry! Thank you. You’re one hell of great mate too. We were so blessed to meet that day five years ago in Swanston Street. M xoxo


    • Kate Rizzetti
      Dec 19, 2012 @ 09:32:18

      You deserve it, Sunshine. You are the wind beneath my wings (to coin a phrase). I hope you got my little gift. It might be delayed with US timelines, so might not arrive until tonight or tomorrow. Enjoy it, I know you will. xxxx


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