We’re going to adopt a dog. A Greyhound to be exact. I can’t tell you why. It’s not like we need another animal to look after. Bear, our Border Collie-Samoyd cross, has only been part of our family for 3 months and in that time he has re-landscaped the back yard, escaped five times, chewed up innumerable toys and destroyed our TV watching pleasure by destroying the remote.

We’ve spent hundreds of dollars dog proofing the back yard and buying dog toys we hope will distract him from our personal belongings – all to no avail. He’s so emotionally needy he can’t last five minutes without asking for a pat. He’s got so much fur he doesn’t mind one bit shedding it in a fine layer all over the floor, the furniture, us. And I won’t even get started on how pissed off the cat is with us for bringing him into her life.

So what better remedy to our canine ills than bringing another lost mouth into the household?

You’re right. We’re mad. We’ve been deliberating for a while whether a companion would solve Bear’s emotional issues, deciding over and again that two dogs would be too much work. Until Wednesday. I came home to a message from the good folk at the Greyhound Adoption Program.
‘we have a lovely 2&1/2 year old girl – great with kids and cats – for adoption. If you’re interested you can see her on the website, her name is Belle.’

Belle. If her name had been Rosie or Hercules or Bumfluff I would have deleted the message without a second thought. But Belle – the same as my recently acquired pen-name -It seemed like a sign. Not that I’m particularly superstitious, but I am a big fan of synchronicity. And this little coincidence followed a discussion on the glories of Greyhounds with a colleague the very same morning. it seemed like it was ‘meant to be’.

So here we are, 9.30am Saturday morning, hurtling to Seymour with Bear whining in the back and Miss 8 nagging ‘pleeeeeze can we get her’ – to meet Belle the greyhound – the new member of our mad family. With a little bit of luck she’ll be sane – but I doubt it.

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  1. Colleen Power
    Nov 03, 2012 @ 12:20:40

    God onya Kate, that’s a great program and would love to be in the same situation as you to adopt one but alas not possible here. Looking forward to photo’s. xxxx


  2. Jenn J McLeod ~ Come home to the country...Jenn J McLeod
    Nov 03, 2012 @ 09:26:25

    Ah, no, a new dog will NOT solve Bear’s emotional problems. I’m afraid YOU (as in humans) are Bear’s emotional problem. I should know. I have two deluding dogs of my own. And when other dog owners look at us (the ones with dogs that are freakishly well behaved) with that look, I stand tall and admit that I am totally responsible for pampering them to precocious becasue they are my babies. There! You see, therapy is a good thing – and so is owning a dog. Two is even better than one no matter what and good on you for rescuin. the grethound program is wonderful. I hope Belle does calm Bear and you can all enjoy the pleasue that pups bring to a home. Now, can you tell I am a dog person?! My other life (when not writing) is a dog-freindly B&B – purpose-built for people who love their pets and travel with them. So if ever up my way….Bear and Bella (and huiman slaves) all welcome 🙂


    • Kate Rizzetti
      Nov 03, 2012 @ 11:08:57

      Yes Jen, Greyhounds are wonderful dogs. Our last one passed away last Christmas at 13 yo. I wanted another one but we had to wait because of the cat. Then Miss 8 got impatient so Bear was rescued through Save A Dog Scheme. I thought we were done, but I couldn’t resist the temptation of Belle – she just sounded like too lovely a dog to miss out on. She’s in the back of the car with Bear now. Would love to visit your B&B – sounds wonderful – one day!


  3. Petah
    Nov 03, 2012 @ 09:17:18

    You are the most gorgeous woman- and family. Synchronicity, I hear you. Im not sure how its going but goodluck. And as the sensible part of me starts to say, Oh My God- the whimsical part of me says go for it! Hope it all goes well, and little Belle, is indeed the cure to a needy Bear.


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