Journey to the land of the digital unknown

In early 2012 HarperCollinsPublishers (HCP) Publishing Director, Shona Martyn, and Head of Digital, Mark Higginson, gathered together a small but intrepid group of staff from various departments and issued a challenge: to go where no traditional, book-loving trade publisher had gone before — into the land of the digital unknown.

From this humble beginning the insightful and very excited HCP staff have put together (thus far) two unique digital publications.

The second release goes first because it’s closer to my heart. {Beware – here comes some shameless self promotion}. One of my sexy stories written under my non de plume (R rated warning – especially for family members) was accepted for publication in URL Love. (Cue cheering and bowing!)

URL Love should be a winner given the frenzy that is 50 Shades of ‘OMG I’m sick of hearing about it.’ URL LOVE is all about hot cyber romance – love stories involving text messages, Facebook, online dating, emails and tweets. URL Love is a collection of ten sexy, sweet and sassy stories about love in the digital age. For fans of E L James, Marian Keyes and everyone in between!

This one-off digital collection will be released on Monday 17 September. It sells at AU$2.99 (bargain!) through e-tailers such as Apple and Amazon. The URL Love Facebook page is a bit of fun. For a dose of corny have a listen to the audio  of HCP staff reading excerpts from three of the stories.

I’ll be posting a completely unbiased review (of all stories bar my own) – next week.

The other ebook is Corrupted Classics. Not fare for the faint of heart, Corrupted Classics is a collection of reworked scenes from classic novels such as Alice in Wonderland (‘Alice in Zombieland’), Robin Hood (‘Hood and his Undead Men’) and The Iliad (‘Hector the Undead Prince of Troy’).

As you can tell from the cover, it’s a niche publication aimed at flesh-eating-zombie-loving-horror-fiends (of which I’m not one – horses for courses and all that). Personally I couldn’t bring myself to read it, but Shelley Rae at Book’d Out gives it a positive review. The ebook was released today (14 September) and retails at $1.99! What can you get for 2 bucks these days? At that price, who cares if you don’t like it. I lose more money than that on rides at Luna Park. For a bit of added fun there is also a Corrupted Classics Facebook page and trailer.

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