The face of an emerging writer

A family free day awaits and I am agonising over whether to work on my e-book project or go to day 2 of the Emerging Writers Festival Town Hall Program. So, I’m doing what all good writers do, procrastinating in the form of a quickie blog post (the most satisfying of all forms of procrastination.)

The thing I love most about the EWF,  besides the comfortable lack of slick polish in its presentations, is the diverse crowd it attracts. Having attended many writing related events in the past 5 years, this is the one that never fails to amuse and inspire.

Many of it’s devoted followers could be pegged as ‘literary types’. There’s no shortage of horm rimmed spectacles or boho op-shop attire. But there’s plenty of everything else as well. Some attendees (including myself) have wrinkles and don’t give a ducks waddle what they wear. Some are very young, high school and university age, and this is the great advantage of this festival because they bring vibrancy and bouyancy and a hopeful enthusiasm to the ambience of this event.

The hallowed halls of our beloved Town Hall are filled to brimming with presenters who contradict each other, challenge accepted views of the publishing industry, are honest and sardonic and most of all, generous with their hard earned wisdom. These people are the warriors of the writing movement. These are the the true word-smiths (word whores in their words), squirrelling away day after day, on whatever project or piece they can pitch to a willing editor. They are Twitter and blogosphere savvy and if they’re not, they’re up-front about it. Their lack of mainstream commercial success (of the Bryce Courtney variety) makes them the carriers of wordly wisdom and the bearers of rejection wounds. Listen close, EWFers, your bretheren are speaking.

And in that I have convinced myself. My deadline is two months away and I don’t want to waste this opportunity to immerse myself in the bliss of connecting with kin.

EWF2012 here I come! xx

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  1. jenniferscoullar
    May 29, 2012 @ 08:16:01

    You have been nominated for the Tell Me About Yourself blog awards!


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