Oasis in a hairless world

November has come to be one of my most favourite months of the year, and it’s not because we finally get a long weekend out of the Melbourne Cup after months of 5 day weeks. Neither is it because the footy season is well and truly over. It’s a far more embarrassing reason. I have a confession to make, you can feel it coming can’t you?

You better brace yourself. It’s a bit shocking.


I love November because it’s a time of year when we witness the re-emergence of one of the rarest phenomenas in the modern Western world. The moustache.

Go ahead, have a good cringe. Screw up your nose and say ‘Kate, how could you?’ Well I can, and I do – LOVE a good moustache. And I am happy that there is now a regular time of year I can look forward to a good old fashioned moustache perve thanks to Movember.

Before you drown me out with your howls of dissent, I will concede one thing. Not every male face is made for a moustache. There are some men who probably shouldn’t ever grow a moustache, not even for a cause as worthy as Movember.

I’m sure you know who I’m talking about – they are usually overweight, short, sweaty, blue singleted, and of a ‘certain age’. They usually drive large rigs and grow moustaches to match. No. These are an abhorrent form of the humble moustache, and shouldn’t be allowed to grace the public eye.

These aberrations aside, there are men, many men, who’s masculinity and appearance is greatly enhanced by a neat, well trimmed mo. I like my moustaches grown to classic style, not too thick or wide, and trimmed to reveal the sensual shape of the top lip. This moustache screams sophistication, social awareness (because they are only present during Movember), and that most exciting of male traits, virility. The men who show their creative flair, by fashioning two flirtatious little curls on either end for example, get extra points for their cheeky confidence with the moustache medium.

And if you didn’t think a moustache could ever be sexy, just check out the photo’s on the Movember website. PHTZZZZZ you go, boys!

I also concede that my attraction to the much maligned moustache may be simply due to a point of difference. Perhaps if I saw men with mo’s in the street every day I’d not be quite so enamoured by them. But the truth is that human hair has all but disappeared from contemporary Western life. The only place it’s okay to have hair anymore is on our heads. We are all so waxed and polished we’re starting to look like bits of plastic with clothes on.

We live in a world of hairless wonders and the humble moustache is an oasis in an otherwide hairless world. And I, for one –  perhaps due to the overwhelming lack of male facial hair these days – find myself now deeply attracted to them.




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  1. angela
    Nov 16, 2011 @ 08:39:39

    I agree that men can look very attractive with a beard and/or a moustache. They’re ok if the guy has nice soft hair. However, for the partner of anyone who has thick, bristly hair, then they can be quite unpleasant. Long or short, they give me a rash. they get up one’s nose when kissing, and without good personal hygiene, they can be a bit, er, smelly.

    I like a nice, smooth, clean-shaven face.


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