A day in a group of writers

What could be more boring than a day in a writer’s group?

Believe me, an ordinary Saturday becomes extraordinary when eleven people gather to share their love of all things writing.

I know, I know. I can see your e-eyes glazing over already. God – how can they be bothered spending and ENTIRE SATURDAY locked away in a room in the city talking about bloody writing? I hear you. I understand. But listen, and I will tell you why it’s the best possible way to spend a Saturday.

It’s because nothing ordinary is allowed in this space. Ordinary discussions – ‘how’s your week been?’ ‘Oh, okay. Been busy at work.’ ‘know what you mean. The kids are driving me mad.’ ‘Yeah? Mine too.’ – don’t really exist in their ordinary form. Nothing so banal is allowed in this room. And if it enters it soon finds itself battered and beaten into something more meaningful, something more useful. Nothing that enters this room leaves without having some purpose – at least for some of us.

When we talk about our work we collectively stretch idea’s out. We pull them, push them, kick them around until they become something that fits us all. This means that one persons wisdom becomes everyone’s knowledge. Small things are shared that make the big things easier.

Serious discussions descend into hilarity. Did you know that there is some facility on your computer that can make it speak to you in a french accent?

I didn’t know this.

If I did my life over the past few years would probably have been very different. It’s true. A french accent makes me weak with desire. I can only hope I never find out how to turn this facility on. I already spend far too much time with my lap top. If I ever find this switch my marriage will be over for sure.

This is one of the many valuable things I learned from my writers’ group.

How to not take myself seriously is another. And how to take myself seriously.

There is so much joy in this room. So much camaraderie, encouragement, wit. These people save me from feeling alone in my sea of words. They are my lifeboat. This one Saturday every few weeks validates the time I waste doing this when there are so many other more important things I should be doing. I am right in writing, because this is what feeds my soul.

A writers’ group is not for everyone – thank goodness. But feeding the soul is. It will renew you. Whatever your passion is, find some people who share it. Talk to them, spend time with them. You will feel connected to them in ways you are not with others. They are your true kin, your soul mates.


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  1. Dina illustration
    May 29, 2011 @ 07:56:12

    Great post Kate. Creating with people that understand and share your passion it always an amazing experience.


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